In the study of the Journal of Yoga & Physical Therapy, yoga can help improve sensorineural deafness. Also, in recent studies yoga has been found to be helpful for strengthening hearing and hearing loss.

Yoga is a gentle exercise with breathing control, and meditation. It has been known to have great benefit for those who practice it.

Can Yoga Really Help Kids with Hearing Loss?

 Whether you are just now starting or have been doing it for years, the physical part of the practice is used as a form of exercise and stress management. It has shown that all the teachings of yoga can actually be beneficial for natural hear loss. Music can also be beneficial in yoga class if used correctly. If not utilized correctly though, it could interfere with the children’s hearing aids or implants. A lot of instructors incorporate music with their positions as they are switching from one to another. Making sure the children are not distracted is what is important and that’s why they try to keep the classes simplistic.

Some positive aspects to Yoga to help kids with hearing loss are:

Increases Blood Flow to the Ears

Helps Relax Muscle Tissue

Releases feel-good hormone.

Hearing loss and deafness are very common in our society today. The good news is technology is also growing by leaps and bounds every day. Technology has made for tremendous headway to help with hearing loss and discovering people who have this situation.  Now adays, it is more common for children to having hearing loss than in the past. In conclusion hearing loss is very prevalent and becoming more so in children This is very much due to the many new discoveries of how to detect, help and prevent it.